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Buy Bitcoin with Cash in Turkey using Cashlib voucher!

We relentlessly worked to make Cashlib vouchers available at Point Sales in Turkey. 



The partnership with Cashlib helps Bitit to add another 1500 resellers in Turkey where customers can easily buy Bitcoin by cash with Cashlib vouchers or by credit card. Regarding the partnership with Cashlib, CEO Nicolas Katan said:

“Now users from Turkey will have the choice to obtain Bitcoin by cash through Cashlib. Until now, there have only been limited opportunities to purchase Bitcoin with cash in Turkey. By using our network, thousands of users from Turkey can now buy Bitcoin over the counter, as easy as any other product.”

Available in various denominations, ranging form as little as 25€ as high as 250€ each.

Once the voucher is purchased, you can enter the Cashlib voucher code on the Bitit website and redeem it into Bitcoins whenever you wants, wherever you are.

No verification required up to 250€ of purchases. By verifying your account, you will be able to buy up to 2500€ of Bitcoin per week. This limit may be increased if requested.

How does it work?

1. Ask your cashier for a Cashlib voucher or buy it directly online stores.

2. Go to Bitit Buy Page, select the amount of Bitcoins that you would like to buy, add your Bitcoin wallet address, along with your Cashlib code.

3. Et voilà ! Your Bitcoins are on their way, you will receive them between 10 to 20 minutes.

Resellers offline and online can be found here:

- https://www.cashlibkart.com/

- https://www.odemekartlari.com/

- https://www.paywards.com/

We do our best to make Bitit the fastest place to let you buy the leading blockchain asset within seconds.


The Bitit Team


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