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How to buy Bitcoin with Western Union?

It's easy to buy Bitcoin using Western Union on Bitit.

1. Sign in into your Epay Account and select "Deposit & Withdraw" option.
2. Click "Bank" under "Deposit" and select "Western Union".
3. Please add your bank information if you didn't add to your Epay Account
4. Go back to the "Deposit" page and input the information, then click "Next".
5. Check all the transaction information and click "Confirm".
6. You will be provided with information necessary to complete your deposit. Please go to a Western Union point of sale to transfer money to your Epay account.
7. After transfering the money, please update the order status, and input the 10 digit Western Union control Number.
8. Epay confirms receipt of money

9. Go to Bitit Buy Page, select EPAY payment method and start buying Bitcoins! 

How much does it cost ?

It will cost you only 1% to deposit money on EPAY. Once your funds are available on EPAY, you can now go to Bitit Buy Page. Upon confirmation of your EPAY transaction on Bitit you will be charged for as low as 2.5%.

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