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How to buy Bitcoin by wire transfer using Trustpay ?

With Bitit you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and the leading cryptocurrency assets by bank transfer using Trustpay.

Trustpay operates using Direct Banking. By using Trustpay we are able to receive almost immediate confirmation after finalizing your payment.

Upon confirmation of your payment we can immediately send you Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies faster than with a conventional bank transfer.

Direct Banking is available on the following countries: 

  • Czech Republic

  • Slovakia

If your country is not on the Direct Banking list, no worries you can still do a wire transfer but it will take the average delay of a SEPA transfer which is 24 hours in working days.

How to buy Bitcoin by bank transfer with Trustpay?

1. At the order summary, choose Trustpay payment method

2. You are redirected to the Trustpay payment instruction page. Use this data to initiate a transfer order from your banking interface.

3. Please go to your personal bank account to add the BITIT beneficiary with the following information:

IBAN : SK5199520000002107075589


Nom du bénéficiaire : BITIT

Adresse : 20 rue du banquier 75013 Paris, France

IMPORTANT: Please add the Payment Description provided at the bottom of the Trustpay instruction page in your transfer reference. Without this information we will not be able to accept your payment.

Here is an example of the Trustpay instruction page:



5. Confirm your payment like any other casual wire transfer.

6. Upon confirmation of your transfer, Bitcoins will automatically be sent to you.

Note that by using Trustpay, your Bitcoin transaction can be delayed. If you can't use Direct Banking but instead a classic wire transfer, the amount of Bitcoin to be delivered may be modified since the exchange rate may have fluctuated. For your protection, we only deliver the Bitcoin once we have received the payment.


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