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Do I need to show my ID at the retailer's shop?

No, the Bitit Gift Card do not require to show any proof of identity at the retailer's shop. You do not need to be verified for a purchase of less than 150€ on Bitit.

To redeem your first Bitcoin with the Bitit Bitcoin Gift Card just fill in your Profile and you can start buying up to 150 € of Bitcoins.

After reaching 150 € of purchase you'll need to provide:

  • a notarized copy of a proof of identity (e.g, ID card or Passport)

  • a selfie of you holding your document.

This quick and simple process can be made on the Get Verified section. 

In the majority of cases, verification takes 8 hours maximum. 

Our procedure is designed to be as secure and simple as possible.

After your account approval, you'll be able to buy up to 2500€ of Bitcoin per week using the Bitit Gift Cards.


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