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Meet the fastest platform to buy Bitcoin

The Bitcoin gift card. The simplest tool to buy and offer Bitcoin.

New design. New amounts. Fresh new arrival of Bitit gift cards !

You can now buy Bitit Gift cards at la La Maison du Bitcoin, 35 rue du Caire 75002 Paris, FRANCE. Métro: Sentier.

From 25€ to 50€ choose the amount that's fits you the best.

The Bitit gift cards are denominated in euros. The stored funds can be redeemed in Bitcoins on the Bitit platform. In this way, Bitit maintains the exact value of the card until you redeem into Bitcoins.

Buy the Bitit gift card without a proof of identity at your retailer's shop.

Get yours today and make discover Bitcoin to your family and friends in a snap !

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