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Three awesome reasons to buy Bitcoins through the Bitit code

Why you should buy bitcoins through a Bitit code rather than buying bitcoins directly ? We have collected three reasons why it makes much more sense.

Full Control

Bitcoin's exchange rate has been quite volatile, and buying a Bitit code brings you a full control of the exchange rate.

Bitit prepaid code is denominated in euros. The stored funds can be redeemed in Bitcoins on the Bitit platform. In this way, Bitit maintains the exact value of the Bitit voucher until you decide to redeem it into Bitcoins.


People usually do not know how to proceed with Bitcoins. This cryptocurrency tickles people’s curiosity but only a few know how to buy it or use it.

For those who start to understand Bitcoin they need to know exchange rates, how to open a bitcoin wallet , understanding the bitcoin addresses, private keys… all of this can be quiet intricate and complex, and it makes very difficult to get access to bitcoin in less than 10 minutes.

Bitit code allows you to discover everything at your own pace. After you buy the Bitit code, you can take your time with getting set up, and then redeem it whenever you're ready. 

Make a great gift

Through the Bitit code anyone can offer Bitcoins to family and friends quickly and easily.

For Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, as a birthday gift, or for a money transfer the prepaid bitcoin voucher is a tool of choice to make discover to your entourage...and ultimately everyone knows how a gift card work. That's good because it's exactly the same process.

For the moment, we propose the Bitit gift card available in specialised Point of sales but also the Bitit online code, which make shipment much faster and allows you to get your bitcoins faster and quicker – (almost) instantaneous!



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