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What is the Bitit code ?

The simplest tool to buy, offer and receive Bitcoins in a snap.

The Bitit online voucher code is a great online tool if you don't have a Bitcoin wallet. It allows you to discover Bitcoin at your own pace. The Bitit code is delivered by email, with no expiration date so you can take your time with getting set up, and then redeem the stored funds into Bitcoins whenever you're ready.

The Bitit gift card is an awesome tool to make discover bitcoin to family and friends in a snap. Available in exclusive point of sales, by cash or credit card. 

There is no difference between the Bitit online code and the Bitit gift card. The support are different, but the features are the same.

Bitit solutions are denominated in euros. The stored funds can be redeemed in Bitcoins on the Bitit platform. In this way, Bitit maintains the exact value of the voucher until you decide to redeem it into Bitcoins.

However if you don't wish to buy the Bitit code you can choose to instantly receive Bitcoin without the need of a Bitit code.

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