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Buy Bitcoin with cash in Europe in 35K+ Local stores with Cashlib voucher

We are proud to announce our partnership with distribution network specialist Cashlib to launch cash-for-bitcoin buying in Europe in 35K+ Local Stores.


 Cashlib vouchers can be found in Point of Sales with cash but also at online resellers by credit card. Available in various denominations ranging from as little as $25 to as high as $250 each.

Once the voucher is purchased, you can enter the voucher code on Bitit website and redeem it into Bitcoin which will be sent to your wallet upon confirmation of the code. 

Cashlib is live in the following countries:

France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Greece, Switzerland

How does it work ?

1. Find the nearest store and ask your cashier for a Cashlib voucher or buy it directly at Cashlib Online Resellers.

2. Go to Bitit Store Locator page, select the amount of Bitcoins that you would like to buy, add your Bitcoin wallet address, along with your Cashlib code. 

3. Et voilà ! Your Bitcoins are on their way, you will receive them between 10 to 20 minutes.

Protect your identity from online fraud.

Amid increasing instances of credit card fraud, we offer a new option to protect your identity by not exposing your details online while purchasing Bitcoin. Using the in-store-cash-buying service is as easy as buying a magazine from your corner store.

You can make your Bitcoin purchase at a time that suits you in your neighborhood. You can now switch between two vouchers - Neosurf and Cashlib and soon with Flexepin which will be added in Q1 2017.

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